Our Locations

  • Sioux City – (712) 252-4547
  • Carroll/Storm Lake – (712) 792-9597
  • Fort Dodge – (515) 576-4156
  • Spencer – (712) 580-4320
  • Algona – (515) 295-8840

Community Outreach

Catholic Charities is committed to helping individuals and families who may be in crisis.  These crises often result in a lack of food, difficulties paying the rent or electricity bill, inability to pay for needed medication, or other basic needs that aren’t being met.  When you are in a crisis, it’s hard to see beyond to the next meal or this month’s rent.  Our staff works with other community providers and knows relevant services that may help you and your family.

  • Staff help identify your needs and connect you to community resources that may be available.
  • Staff can follow up with you to provide support, assistance and encouragement.
  • All community outreach services are FREE of charge.


Love & Logic Parenting Classes

  • FREE 6-week evidenced-based program
  • Learn to set limits in loving ways without anger or threats
  • Allow your child to grow through their own mistakes


Crisis Debriefing Services

  • Trained staff assists employees who have experienced a traumatic event in the workplace
  • Develop coping skills to the reactions that occur following a traumatic event
  • Utilize grounding techniques and find closure
  • Catholic Charities staff is part of the Siouxland Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)Team


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