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Plan A Legacy Gift


Will or Trust Gifts

These are the simplest ways to leave a lasting impact. There is no cost and significant flexibility because you can change your mind or your designation from a will or trust at any time. Your designation can be:

  • A percentage

  • A specific dollar amount

  • The remainder of your estate, or a percentage after all costs and other bequests have been satisfied.

  • Contingent on the fact that you outlive your other designated beneficiaries.


We would appreciate the opportunity to say thank you for your gift. Please let us know of your plans.

Beneficiary Designations

Designate Catholic Charities as beneficiary or co-beneficiary of a retirement fund, investment, bank account, CD, donor-advised fund or life insurance policy. Contact the person or trustee who helped you with your account or policy for a beneficiary designation form to complete and return to them. Other Potential Benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets

  • Reduce or avoid probate fees

  • There is no cost to change your beneficiary to designate Catholic Charities and/or other charities.


We would appreciate the opportunity to say thank you for your gift. Please let us know of your plans.

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Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) allows you to give – and receive. It is an agreement in which you make a cash gift to Catholic Charities and then receive guaranteed annual income payments for the life of one or two persons.

You are likely to benefit from a CGA if you:

  • Are 65 and older

  • Want to give but need the security of income for retirement Want a continued income stream but be relieved of investment responsibilities

  • Have highly appreciated but low income producing securities or other property


If you would like to review a draft CGA specific to your situation that you can share with your tax advisor, contact us. There is no charge or obligation.

Information contained here is not professional or legal advice. Consult a tax advisor or financial planner about your individual financial situation.

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“I’d love to visit with you about these ways to support our mission to help God’s people in need.” 

Amy Jones,

Director of Marketing and Development
Catholic Charities, 1601 Military Road, Sioux City, 51103

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