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Tax Smart Ways to Give


Grain Gift

If your elevator does not already have an account with Catholic Charities, contact us to set one up. Let us know you plan to transfer grain and use this form to share your harvest with families in need. The elevator will transfer your grain to Catholic Charities to sell. You will not receive income for the grain and thus will avoid income tax. You can also deduct the business cost of raising the grain and avoid paying self-employment tax.

IRA Distribution

IRA holders of the required age can transfer gifts directly to Catholic Charities and not pay taxes on the transaction. An IRA charitable contribution:

  • Can satisfy the annual required minimum distribution requirement for your IRA.

  • Generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction so you benefit even if you do not itemize your tax deductions


You can also, with spousal consent, name Catholic Charites as a beneficiary of your IRA, up to $100,000. Contact your financial planner or tax advisor to begin the transfer process.


Stock Transfer

Donating highly appreciated stock helps you avoid capital gains tax and allows you to receive a tax deduction for the entire amount of the transfer. Contact your broker to initiate the transfer.

Information contained here is not professional or legal advice. Consult a tax advisor or financial planner about your individual financial situation.

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“I’d love to visit with you about these ways to support our mission to help God’s people in need.” 

Amy Jones,

Director of Marketing and Development
Catholic Charities, 1601 Military Road, Sioux City, 51103

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