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Technology and Kids' Mental Health

A Fall 2022 Pew Research Study found parents of children 18 and under list mental health concerns as their top worry. Unfortunately, the worry has merit.

The pandemic had an impact, but reports show even before Covid, technology and social media were fueling the negative spiral. Smartphone and social media use increase mental distress, self-injuring and suicidality among youth, with girls especially effected.

The following was created for Mental Health Month and includes our therapists' tips about various technology related concerns.

Our children – God’s children – deserve to be happy and healthy. Parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors – you are not alone. Our caring team is here with mental health information, to help you create mentally well environments and calm some of the worry you may be having for the youth in your life.

Contact us if you have questions about a young person in your life or need some extra support.


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