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Stories of Hope


Your partnership leads to amazing outcomes for children and families who would not otherwise have a place to turn for help.



Therapy has helped Sienna identify and set boundaries and explore alternative ways to think about her situation. She realized what she could and couldn’t control and found peace in her family. Her adult children are seeking time together. She is so much happier. 

‘Sienna’ felt her adult children hated her and perceived everything wrong was her fault.  She was anxious all the time and had occasional thoughts she would “rather be dead” than deal with the pain of her family’s rejection.


‘Di’ went through a significant break-up from a relationship during which she had disconnected with all her family and friends. Depressed, anxious and with no support, her lack of hope made Di feel death was the “only way out”. She had “little hope things could improve, but enough to try therapy”. 

Today, Di no longer has suicidal thoughts. She has rebuilt healthy relationships and reports having hope for the future.


Help people like Sienna & Di.

Your donation helps so many.


He began weekly therapy and seeing psychiatrist, Dr. Abu Ata. Rain’s visits to the principal’s office ceased, and he is ready to move on to the next grade. Even better, Rain is self-empowered, enjoyed the rest of his school year and connected better with peers. 


Sometimes with children, we feel like we hit a roadblock. Parents are frustrated and “don’t know what to do”, teachers “have tried it all”, principals are not sure what else to try. The child feels hopeless and begins to dislike school. ‘Rain’ was one of these kids. By the time he was referred to a school therapist, he was on the verge of expulsion.


‘Vincent’ experienced significant trauma throughout childhood and turned to drugs as a young adult to cope.  Twice in prison, he is now determined NOT go through that again. Vincent’s primary support person was on hospice, so his parole officer set him up with therapy.

Therapy has helped him talk through feelings as he continues to work through both the past trauma and his grief. Vincent is sober and working to maintain healthy relationships. Soon, he will be off federal probation.


Help people like Rain & Vincent.

Your donation helps so many.

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