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Expanding Access to Mental Health Services

Benita Triplett, LISW, and Denys Azpeitia, MSW, completed Problem Management Plus (PM+) and are the only certified trainers of the program in western Iowa. PM+ is an evidenced-based psychological intervention for adults experiencing symptoms of common mental health problems (such as depression, anxiety, stress or grief), and practical problems (such as unemployment or conflict in relationships). The overarching goal of PM+ is to make mental health services more available in Iowa especially for immigrants, refugees and others affected by adversity. Benita and Denys will train individuals from immigrant communities to provide the PM+ services to their peers. No formal mental health education or licensure is needed to attend a course on PM+, which provides the tools to help others reduce symptoms of emotional distress and empower them to be their own helpers when managing problems in life.

If you would like more information about PM+ or to take a course, contact us at or 712.252.4547.


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